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After your appointment

Getting your Homeopathic medicines
You can either pick up the medicines at the Fernwood office or if you live elsewhere you will receive your medicines by your choice of either Express post (takes 2- 3 business days, cost is $9.98  for delivery plus gst), or Purolator Courier (over night deliver if ordered before noon or next day. $16.65 for delivery plus gst. Someone is required to be at the delivery address to receive the package). Note that if you live in the Landmark Mb  area, my assistant Andrea will order the medicines in for you so there are no shipping charges. She can be reached by 

Your Homeopathic prescription
You will receive your prescription in person or by email. When you receive your package, please call Dr Scott and you will go over the prescription. This is also a convenient time to ask questions. 

How to take your Homeopathic medicine
Remove the cap and put the pump on the medicines. Prime the pump a few times to get the air out before taking it. The medicines should be taken at least 15 minutes before or after eating or drinking except water.

How to store Homeopathic medicine
In a dark cupboard is ideal. However, they can be stored at temperatures as high as 40 or as low as – 40 degrees celcius.

It is important that if you get sick or your symptoms worsen in any way that you call me. If you get sick while you are on a program such as a flu or cold, careful selection of the right homeopathic medicine to treat it at that time can greatly improve your overall health status. Cost for this is included in the cost of your consultation. It requires a quick phone call and about 15 minutes.  

Homeopathic physicians have a system for evaluation of direction of cure..It is called Hering's Law: from within outward, from above downward, from organs of greater importance to organs of lesser importance and in reverse order of appearance of symptoms. If old symptoms come back, they will require treatment which is part of the cost of your appointment. 

You will receive your invoice by email. 

The consultation cost is $120 for the initial consultation, $110 Children, Seniors and Students plus HST plus a one time intial consutls filing fee or $85 for follow ups, $75 for Senionrs, Children and Students plus Hst)

The medicines are $9.50 to $15 per bottle depending on which part of the country you live in due to shipping/living costs.

Some insurance companies such as Desjardins and Sunlife provide coverage for Homeopathic Medicine.  My Canadian Society of Homeopaths membership number required for coverage is: 12-110-A.

Method of Payment
Payment can be by cheque, cash, Visa or MC (long distance clients can request to leave their credit card number on file.)

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