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Before your appointment

To make your appointment: Either call the office at 250 381 8104 or email I do not answer, please leave your name, phone number and several options of days and time that suit you to have your appointment within office hours:  Monday to Friday, 10 - 5 pm  

If you are coming in person, note that on most Wednesdays and Thursdays  I work at Copper Mountain Centre (wheelchair accessible) at #202-239 Menzies St in James Bay. My office phone number as well as my emergency cell phone number is  250 381 8104.

If you live elsewhere, your appointment will be by phone or SKYPE. Please leave your preferred phone number or SKYPE address when you make your appointment.

What to bring or send

-Your new patient record. Please download this from here and save it to your computer. You can also request to have the form mailed to you.

Patient Forms
Patient record for adults: Download
Patient record for children: Download

 Save the form to your computer, fill it out and send the form back by email or bring it with you to your appointment if you are coming in person. This form  is to ensure that I don’t miss any problems in all the systems of the body and understand your medical history and family medical history.

- You can also  bring, fax or mail copies of important lab tests results or pathology reports. Fax: 250 380 0245 to  “Attention Dr Scott.”

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