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During your appointment

The Homeopathic appointment takes about 1.25 to 1.5 hours. Homeopathy is different from a medical appointment where patients are often asked to discuss one problem at a time in a 10 minutes.

It is in the nature of Homeopathic case taking that it takes time. Homeopathic physicians have to hear all the medical concerns as a whole picture before any medicine is given. We call it the totality of symptoms.

Knowledge of your total health picture is important because your health problems are usually related to one another. Stomach ulcers are only properly addressed, for example, if we understand the anxiety that contributed to them and treat both problems.(The same homeopathic medicine chosen to treat the ulcer will also treat the anxiety, We don’t give one for the culer and a separate one for the anxiety because they are two sides of the same coin).

What will we talk about?
You will tell me how I can help you and about your health concerns. You will also be also be asked a series of questions. Many factors are taken into account to make your homeopathic prescription. These factors include: the cause of why you are having the problem in the first place (if we know), your emotional state, your current medical condition and your unique expression of  the symptoms, your past medical history, genetic predispositions, your constiution (mental and emotional makeup) as well as relevant social, psychological, familial, financial, environmental or other stress. 

During the appointment you are encouraged to go into detail about your health concerns. This is because homeopathic medicines are often chosen on the basis of “rare odd or peculiar” symptoms. For example if you have always enjoyed ice cold drinks and suddenly prefer them almost burning hot, this kind of change in your thirst is important for correct selection of the homeopathic remedy.

Physical Examination
If necessary the appointment will include a non invasive physical examination. Long distance clients are instructed to visit their family doctor or clinic for any necessary examinations.

Who can come with you?
Care givers and relatives are encouraged to come with the patient as they are usually observant and helpful in giving symptoms to the homeopathic physician.

Current Medications
Note that Conventional medications are discussed but are not withdrawn except in consultation with your regular medical doctor.

Physicains at the Coop Community Health Centre, well trained in Pharmacology are able to assist with this process during or after your consultation.

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