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Antibiotic Resistant Infections

Wednesday, Apr 22 - 2015

This week my mind  harkened back to the ominous prediction made by Dr Nielsen, my mentor and inspirational teacher who first introduced me to Homeopathy, when we were talking about the overuse of antibiotics. The year was 1996. I was a student in Winnipeg taking Organic Chemistry at the University of Winnipeg and working at Dr Nielsen’s Homeopathic Clinic at the same time. At that time she told me that most antibiotics would be ineffectual by 2025.

Last Februrary  I saw a patient for whom antibiotic resistance was already a reality. Since he began his homeopathic program, he has had not had another of the many urinary tract infections that he had had repeatedly for the last year and a half. When I asked his wife this morning if I could share these results on my blog, here is what she wrote back: 

I should say YOU CAN!!!!!!  I am astounded, as is Monty's urologist, AND his medical doctor that there have been no further infections since Feb 25 (the last one started just before that).  His urine is straw-coloured and clear as a bell every single day!!!!!  After struggling with antibiotics use for one and one-half years, we cannot tell the public enough how you helped us.  We tell EVERYONE!  We also happen to know that the Queen herself ONLY uses homeopathics and have known this for some time.  If we get a chance, we will tell her about you, too.

Haha. I like the last line : )

Monty is an 89 year old wheelchair bound man. When Jackie and Monty finally went to their  pharmacist back in February and explained that they had tried out every single antibiotic available to treat Monty’s urinary tract infections, the pharmacist suggested they pay a visit to a Homeopathic doctor. 

When they arrived at our clinic, with Jackie, Monty’s wife pushing the wheel chair, Monty’s  blue eyes seemed to take in everything but he said very little at first. Jackie did all the talking and explained that Monty had had a stroke and was paralyzed on his left side. 

I asked Monty what he did before he retired. A glimmer came to his eye and he replied slowly, due to the stroke, that he had worked for the Navy and travelled the West Coast. Well, of course I immediately told him I live on a boat right now and had travelled up the West Coast this past summer. We compared boats and destination ports and soon we were off and running, chatting and laughing. Soon Monty was asking Jackie to show me his toe which had been infected for years. 

It was no laughing matter. His right great toe had an extra ball sticking out of the top…red, swollen, infected, and ulcerated. I couldn’t imagine how painful that must be. Of course he could not bear to wear a closed shoe, even the bedcovers were painful to touch it. 

Monty  and Jackie immediately seemed to understand when I explained that the infection in the toe is similar to what he has been experiencing in the bladder and that we needed to treat both. 

How will they know he is better they asked? No more bladder infections, his urinananlysis (lab work) will come out normal (this may take more time) and the toe will improve at the same time. 

I am very  happy about the good results for Monty!  Homeopathy’s scope and capacity is seems less known in BC, than Manitoba, where I am from.  This seems surprising where people would be considered more open to alternatives. But the training of the homeopaths is slightly different here and I don’t think it is used to its full capacity yet in BC. I am happy when it gets known

When I think back to Dr Nielsen’s words now I realize I will likely see other patients with similar issues more often in the future. I hope this blog serves as a way of them seeking Homeopathic treatment as a gentle, safe and effective treatment that will generate healing within their own body by triggering the use of their own immunological tools in a very precise ways.

I am not against the use of antibiotics, of course! Their judicious use, rather than our current overuse, is vital in many instances to the continued health of our population. Homeopathic doctors are trained to refer patients for antibiotic treatment when necessary.

This case is a good example of how using Homeopathic medicines for treatment of infections is a good option to reduce the potential for antibiotic resistance.

During that discussion with Dr Nielsen when I was a student, It made an impression on me that it would be necessary to have qualified homeopaths like her when it happened available in Canada. It was part of what inspired me to go to Homeopathic Medical School rather than pursue Chemistry. The other part of that equation is that when I brought up the problem of antibiotic resistance to my wonderful young chemistry prof, his answer was not so good. I asked why are we spending our time inventing new antibiotics when the bacteria eventually become resistant to antibiotics and therefore increasingly dangerous and virulent over time? He told me he has three kids and just got a grant. I am grateful he told me the truth, it made me change my whole career. 

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