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Rescued Horses on Pender Island!

April 7 2016

This January on Pender Island, there was a little notice in the Pender Post about horses who had been rescued by two caring women, Mae Moore and Tracy Calvert.

I got involved because I had seen the horses-a white horse, Panache, and a black pony, Starbuck- arrive in a muddy field several months earlier. Gradually they were getting thinner and more depressed. Eventually they were just standing still, ears back in the rain. No hay, no water, that I could see. 

Then, one day in January, I spotted them grazing at a different farm several miles away. The little pony was wearing a brand new blanket!

Rescued!  Mae and Tracy had made suggestions to the former owner about provding food, water and shelter. In the end nothing was done, the owners shrugged their shoulders, and eventually handed over the horses.

Panache was terrified and would not enter the borrowed horse trailer. Instead the horses were walked for miles down the road to their new home. This new farm property was donated for  the horses until they found a new home.

After several weeks, the horses settled in. The day I met Panache for the first time he accepted his first blanket on his back. Once he felt it on him, he stopped moving away and just stood there, enjoying the warmth and protection from the winter rain.

A horse trainer was hired to teach trust and communication between horses and humans. The relationship between the women and the horses was thrilling to watch, like nothing I have ever seen with horses. They would take the horses out into the riding ring and play with them: pawing at the ground with their feet to encourage them to roll, running with them, even leaping themselves over little jumps to show how much fun it was, teaching trust and the experience of pleasure again. 


The trauma of starvation and neglect manifested differently for each horse. Panache was aloof at first- as if to say “Do with me what you will” and at the same time terribly frightened.  He was afraid many everyday things like people, having his head touched, dogs barking and especially storms. One morning after a windy, stormy night Mae found him thrashing on the ground with colic from the fear. 

Panache was given Aconitum napellus 1m right away. Aconitum napellus is a homeopathic medicine often prescribed for people who have experienced trauma.  It is given when there is a state of intense fear manifesting in the body with symptoms from numbness, to pain, to even colic from anxiety. The day he finished it Mae said joyfully that Panache was playing with her! He would take her zipper latch into his mouth and move it up and down. Or tip her hat or steal a glove and throw it in the air.  He is still on a Homeopathic program.

You can see Panache as he is today, playful and literally jumping for joy over little white fences in the video with Mae. Here is the link to paste in:

(The brown companion horse in the video is not a rescue, just a lovely companion horse named RIley.)

Starbuck was different. What was striking about his eye blindness was that his eyes were actually infected: red and discharging yellow pus. His hooves were infected too --and smelly, like old cheese. 

The Homeopathic medicines given for Starbuck were Belladonna 200 c and Hepar sulphur 200 c right off the bat for the eye infection. Then Aconitum nap 1m for the fear and trauma. 

After this prescription Starbuck’s eyes were much better!  His feet were better too. His behaviour was still a bit unusual in that he acted like he would never be fed again, an effect, no doubt, of the starvation. This, even though he is now receiving two feeds of non stop hay plus warm food and supplements daily. 

Abrotanum 1m, is a homeopathic medicine we give for children who are “wasting” just like Starbuck (he was terribly thin with his spine sticking up) when those children’s behaviour is unruly. In Starbuck’s case he was grumpy and not his usual friendly self around food. He would make faces at me and look upset if I stood to close to him while he was eating his hay. in this case where wasting was from starvation, it was just right for Starbuck.

After the Abrotanum 1m Mae and Tracy both emailed me. “Your magic is working!” Starbuck was less uptight about his food and more easy going! 

I can’t wait for him to receive the next medicines to help him develop more strength in his body and improve his hoof walls (Calcaria phos 200 c) and especially for all the dandruff in his coat and discharges around his sheath (Antimonium crudum 200 c). Just for the record Sulphur 200 c was also given to boost his general health and immunity.

Seeing these horses get better and meeting the women who rescued them was a delight. The best part was seeing that even after all they have been through, people and animals who have experienced trauma in their lives can learn to trust and thrive again!

PS. People interested in seeing how the trust technique works with animals can watch the video at : 




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