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My Healthy Dog Lucy

Friday, Dec 16 - 2016

Well, this is nothing new. We live up a hill steep enough to be considered hazardous to drive down when icy and almost impossible to cycle up. Tell that to my dog Lucy. Today after walking nicely down to get the mail, Lucy took off up the hill at a terrific speed as she is prone, even though she is not supposed to but just try convincing her of that.  After tearing after her far too many times I have gotten more fit than i ever meant to be but I can’t help marvelling at the healthy condition of my dog. She is seventeen this January!

I am always intrigued by secrets of those who age well or are particularly healthy Lucy is especially interesting to me because other after eating too much fatty salmon in her diet and an episode of fleas, Lucy has never been sick. I mean no ear infections, no skin infections, no coughs, no nothing. She has never been to the vet for any illness. 

This time it is me who gets to share the secrets! I believe there are three keys to Lucy’s good health.

1.Homeopathic Prevention: When I first inquired into getting a dog, it was decided Havanese was the "it" dog. Before Lucy was born the breeder agreed she would give Lucy Homeopathy instead of vaccinations during the first 12 weeks of her life. This meant she got all the right nutrition, milk rich with immunoglobulins and care from her mom longer than many puppies are allowed.  This doesn’t mean Homeopathic medicines replaced the vaccine or I am against vaccines. It means I used my own knowledge of how to boost the immune system and gave it to Lucy.  I researched every infectious disease from Parvo to Pertussus that puppies are prone to and gave a homeopathic genus epidemicus, or homeopathic medicine that matches the symptoms of that disease.. For example, the founder of Homeopathy Dr Samuel Hahnemann gave Belladonna 200 c which was used to treat scarlet fever with its high fevers, rapid onset and infection to prevent scarlet fever epidemics in healthy people over 200 years ago.In turn I gave a program of homeopathic remedies to the breeder to give to Lucy one at a time, over a series of weeks, that have been used to prevent and treat certain infectious diseases for 200 years. 

2. Raw Food: There are several books out there that I drew from about raw food. The best one was: Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs and Cats.

3. Exercise: Small dogs have a great need  for exercise as do big dogs. it improves their personality, social graces and health  status ten fold. Lucy got big walks in nature once or twice a week and several walks every day off leash and on. She did dog parks, city parks, sidewalks,  forests, mountains, hills, and most beloved by her, swamps and beaches.

Here is Lucy’s medical history:

When Lucy,  had too much salmon resulting in vomiting and diarrhea her symptoms matched the remedy Arsenicum alb perfectly. She was given several doses and recovered nicely. 

And that is Lucy’s medical history! 

Now it could be that Lucy just has good luck and good genes. And maybe her litter mates just weren’t so lucky to have the same flawless health record  by a long shot. Or maybe, just maybe, this  is a winning combination. for dogs.

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