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Well it finally happened, integrated medicine at work.

Saturday, Jan 31 - 2015

Well it finally happened. Picture this. On Sept 10th, in an early morning meeting on a sunny day, a circle of  7 or 8 chairs where the client is seated with 7 practitioners of her choosing. The client, Susan is 48 Blond, big blue eyes, friendly. She has helped with getting water for all of us, and arranged the chairs. She doesn’t look at you directly for more than a moment as if she can’t handle much emotional stimulation for more than a few moments.

The other people in the circle are a health care team of 8 carefully chosen by the client with the assistance of her health care navigator who is also her counsellor at the clinic, Suzanne Hunter. There is a psychotherapist/art therapis, an osteopath who has a terrific reputation among my clients, a very energetic energy worker, a woman who does Alexander Technique (a discipline that helps to make movement easier using fewer muscles), myself and the new medical doctor at the clinic Krista. Krista has arrived a bit late and meets everyone a few minutes after we have all introduced ourselves. To my surprise  she leans all the way through the circle to shake each person’s hand, look into their eyes and smiles. 

The purpose of our meeting is stated by the counsellor after we have all grounded ourselves through meditation, done while holding hands, left palm up to receive the energy, right hand down to pass it on. It is one of the first times I have felt connected to this group at work and realized it is exponentially more powerful than me as an individual. I have heard about all these people’s work. They have explained what they do in different clinical meetings. However this time I got to see them actually at work. They shone. 

The counsellor  started by saying  how this is a first and very exciting for all of us. That Susan may feel she is receiving but that it is a great exchange for us for learning how to do this together. 

The counsellor stated her intention of holding Susan in her highest potential and our intention of helping her get there. 

We have been given an intake form of Susan’s problems and symptoms, her medical and family history in advance in great detail. Susan has a tethered Spinal Cord Also a recent diagnosis of MS, and post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

Susan said that often when she tried to relax and lie down especially she would be triggered and interrupted or interfered with by the PTSD she thinks and it would interfere with her ease and relaxation . The osteopath Howard suggested that becoming aware of her old friend the interrupter and in a sense welcoming it as something she knows, the act of recognizing it for what it is will help to make it easier. Krista the MD  explained it as something that she felt could be an opportunity of Susan’s body speaking which they can explore. Throughout the meeting the counsellor would ask how is this for you? Susan said wonderful. The art therapist suggested Susan could draw the feelings and do work around whatever came out that way. Susan seemed very interested in this.


Homeopathically speaking, I noticed that many of her problems are functional, meaning, physiological process of the body are involved and not structural. However the spinal cord issues are structural and are more difficult to deal with using homeopathy. I know we can help with the PTSD, right away. Since her neurological symptoms occurred after the incidents, and the client feels they are related, I mentioned that Homoeopathically we have medicines we use when any disease or physical problem starts after an emotional event such as great fear, trauma, indignation, anger, humiliation and so on. It was suggested by everyone that we will use Homeopathy first to begin her treatment. To help take some of the fear out of the situation and open the way for her symptoms to heal. This will be followed by appointments with the other practitioners also and a schedule will be worked out. 


After this it was also suggested by someone that Krista and I work together. it was funny because just a few days before, my colleague and good friend at work Dr Rick Hudson, who is also a medical doctor, had told Krista about our work together with clients. Krista and I  had met a few days before the meeting in the hallway and she told me this and that she would love to hear more about Homeopathy. Just that morning we had decided to meet for a tea next week.. So we looked at each other, her eyes were sparkling and I said to the group…yes, we are too!


This meeting and the subsequent appointments with her various practitioners including myself, with the exception of the medical doctor already funded by VIHA will be done through the health access fund. That fund is created by donations from the general public during the community clinics we have run on weekends once a month for which people who cannot afford our usual prices pay by donation as well as donations from the general public. 

I must say I have never had this particular experience at work before. The counsellor used to be a medical doctor in Germany. When we first met she told me that they would have brief meetings each morning the group of practitioners similar to this one, where they did yoga together, set their intentions for the day, welcomed each other to work. That they often had meetings where clients were present to work in groups like this. This meeting must have been similar to what she had in Germany where Homeopathy originated and where other systems of medicine such as Homeopathy are widely employed.

We agreed to meet free of charge after six weeks. We all recognize that this could/should turn into a research project, a funded program, very easily once people got wind of it. Marianne, the designer of this website suggested someone do a documentary about it. I do realize it is very special what happened on Sept 10th in our little clinic. If there is a documentary film maker out there, I think this film would be worth making. 


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