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Whenever I get that kind of hard to swallow feeling in my throat or my legs start to ache, my first line of defense is to place a call to Dr. Scott.

An appointment doesn’t take long to arrange and even though I live thousands of miles away from Dr. Scott’s office, through our telephone conversation she’s able to skillfully pinpoint exactly what ails me.   Within a very short time an email arrives in my Inbox with the perfect mix of medicines to set me on the road to recovery faster than anything else I have ever tried.

While I used to be prone to colds and flus, it is a rare that I find myself under the weather.  Homeopathy has done wonders for improving my immune system and in that off chance that I do fall prey to a bug, it doesn’t hit me hard. If health is your greatest gift, then Dr. Scott is the greatest gift to my good health.

Danita Dubinsky Aziza
Even Yehuda, Israel

I trained in the sciences and was intending to enter medicine as a profession but I eventually chose clinical psychology because I believed there is so much more to a person's health and well-being than their physical condition.

Even with issues of mental and emotional health, there is so much that can't be reduced to simple diagnoses. As I say to my therapy clients, a label is a description, not an explanation.

Even though I can't explain it, I can attest to how profoundly the homeopathic interventions from Dr. Scott have altered me for the better. As a scientist, I might not be able to explain how things work, but the least I could do is to notice the effects. I'm not going to dismiss the effects just because I'm unable to explain how they are caused.

There have been profound changes in me, physically, psychologically and spiritually, ever since receiving these homeopathic medicines for the past six months. A conventional physician might have simply diagnosed me with depression. But, as I know, there are so many complex factors that create such conditions. In my case, as a highly sensitive and gifted healer, it has been difficult for me to work and live in a world that is filled with all kinds of toxicity. I am witness to the effects of trauma and torture on many of my clients, and this constant exposure has been very devastating on my own health.

Dr. Scott's wise and skillful assistance is making it possible for me to build inner resilience, to give me support to deal with the challenges I face. I now have more energy, more capacity to cope with stress, more joy and even a warmer body temperature, including better sleep and mood! This is the best I've felt in eight years."

Lydia Kwa, Clinical Psychologist, Vancouver BC

I have Multiple Sclerosis and many other health problems that have plagued me for years. Four months ago, at the MS Society, I heard Dr. Scott give a talk on Homeopathy.

I’ve been her patient since that time and she has impressed me with her knowledge, sensitivity, and interest concerning my health issues and her dedication to making me feel better.  My health has improved considerably in these past four months and continues to improve. I’m looking forward to feeling whole again and am quite convinced Homeopathy is an important component to getting there.
Thank You Dr. Scott!

Braden C


I was first introduced to homeopathy almost 20 years ago when I was suffering severely from seasonal allergies and the regular prescriptions of allopathic medicines given to me by my GP were causing me to have other serious side effects. 

Today I am pleased to say that myself along with eight other immediate family members spanning three generations are all patients of Dr. Scott's and we have all been successfully treated for numerous chronic and acute health needs that arise as well as preventively which really speaks to the effectiveness of homeopathy and attests to its healing powers when one considers the broad spectrum of health needs for nine patients over 10-20 years. We are blessed with having had homeopathy introduced into our lives and forever appreciative to have our holistic health care in the hands of Dr. Scott who is a truly amazing and most caring homeopathic doctor!



Hi. My name is Stephanie. My husband and I have two boys. Ethan who's 4 and Daniel who's 1. When Daniel was about 9 months old, he started having health issues.

He had a cold and was very congested. During this cold he starting throwing up. I thought it was because he was just gagging too much. After awhile it seemed to clear up. I was very relieved. As a mom I worry about my kids a lot! A few months later he started vomiting again, this time with no cold. The frequency also increased. As you can imagine I took Daniel to his family doctor. We decided it was probably a dairy thing, as I had taken him off a few days before and he hadn't thrown up since. Well, the very next day Daniel vomited again. I felt very alone, trying to help my baby, but not knowing what was wrong. Through the course of events, Daniel was diagnosed with Celiac. The doctor and I decided not to do a scope at that point, so it wasn't confirmed. So away we went with the gluten free diet. What a roller coaster of emotions! The vomiting did not change with the diet. Around this time a friend of the family told me about Dr Scott. She told me about how she and her family had been seeing her for ten years. They had such great results that I decided it wouldn't hurt just to email her and find out more. I am so glad I did! I live in a different province than Dr Scott and so our appointments are over the phone. I was a little nervous before I talked to her. When she called I had all my information ready to go. I was anticipating a regular doctor's appointment, get in and get out, no time for chit chat. Within the first minute of our conversation I knew I had won the lottery! Dr Scott put me so at ease. She cared to hear all about Daniel, in fact, that's what she wanted me to talk about. She wanted to get to know him and also me. I also didn't know much about Homeopathy and she explained it so well to me. Over the last five months we have been working together to get Daniel well. He has gone from vomiting thirteen times in September to only once in March! It has been a journey for me as well. Partway through Daniel's treatment, I decided to become Dr Scott's patient myself. I had been dealing with so much anxiety that I knew I needed help. It was truly amazing for me to experience the remedies for myself. I had seen them working in Daniel, but to feel such a difference in myself was extraordinary! I am learning so much about health from Dr Scott. I would highly recommend her.

Stephanie, Manitoba


On October 8th, 2011, I was diagnosed with a kidney stone.

To make matters worse, I was 27 weeks pregnant. My neighbour immediately told me about Dr. Scott, but I didn't "believe in that stuff". Instead, I went to the local emergency room. I was admitted and given an IV to challenge my liver, tests were done, I was put on morphine for the pain. I went for an ultrasound to confirm there was a blockage. The neurologist told me my options were: to be admitted and continue the IV and morphine; to have a stint put in which could assist the stone in passing within 4-6 weeks, however there was the chance that the stint could become stuck to me because of the calcium build up in pregnant women; or I could go home and come back, if I got a fever, for emergency surgery. I was told ultrasound therapy to break up the stone would be toxic to the baby and was not an option. The plan was to do nothing but continue administering drugs for the next 12 weeks until after the baby was born and they could perform a surgery at that point. I felt completely helpless. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and in the most severe pain of my life but as a mother of 3, I needed to get home to my 3 kids and suffer through it. I couldn't be stuck in a hospital on morphine. Besides, how healthy would that be for my baby? The future was looking dark. At home, I ate tylenol like candy while friends and family sent me many different "ideas" to try in the hopes the stone would pass. I drank disgusting concoctions, cut certain foods from my diet, went for a special "healing massage", but to no avail... I suffered for 11 days straight. Until my neighbour reached out to me again and asked if I was finally ready to meet with Dr. Scott. And I was. Dr. Scott asked me to fill out a form which was extremely detailed. We spoke in depth about my health, my lifestyle, my family history, etc. By the end of the day, she knew more about me then I did! Certainly more than any doctor I had ever met before. Discussing my concerns with Dr. Scott was like having coffee with a trusted friend. She genuinely cared about me and what was best for my baby. I was excited to try whatever it was she was going to recommend we do. It took her only half a day to put together a remedy for me which cured my heartburn, regulated my constipation, and dissolved the kidney stone naturally. I was completely pain free in 2 days and I have not had any kidney pain since. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and feeling great. I am so blessed to have met Dr. Scott. I look forward to having her help my family with any future issues we need to deal with and I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Thank you Dr. Scott

Charlene Kubin
Landmark, MB


I want Dr Scott to know how amazing it was to receive her Homeopathic remedies for that excricuating headache (migraine?) I suffered a while back.

I took the remedies she prescribed and almost immediately got relief. I was abl to sleep after 30 or 40 minutes, and after a few hours woke up feeling back to normal. Incredible!

Gail McIntosh,
Winnipeg, MB


I was recently diagnosed by a Nurse Practitioner with shingles on my lower back.

I called Dr Scott for the appropriate remedies and approximately 4 hours later the sharp stabbing, knife-like pain was greatly reduced. By the next morning the area had already begun to shrink. I would not have been able to use conventional medications as the time frame of the conventional medicines being helpful had already passed. If I did not use the homoeopathic remedies I would have had to wait for the shingles to run its course - that was not a good option with that amount of pain!

Winnipeg, MB


Dr Scott has been my daughter's doctor since she was born.

Dr Scott treated all of the usual ailments - diaper rash, ear, eye and bladder infections, croup, high fevers, throwing up. I'm thrilled that Olive has never needed to take a dose of antibiotics as the homeopathic medicines took care of all her bacterial infections. When Olive was 2, she developed eczema. Dr Scott was tireless in her search for the right remedy. Olive still takes the 'magic' medicine and it keeps the eczema at bay. We are now struggling with allergies, and again Dr Scott is tireless in her prescribing. These chronic conditions are puzzles and the solutions don't always come quickly. I appreciate Dr Scott's knowledge, but especially her quiet patience in finding the solution.

Olive, now 9 years old, has an incredible understanding of her body and is mindful of how she feels. She is able to describe in detail how she feels both physically and emotionally when we go to see Dr Scott. What I love is that homeopathy is meant only to stimulate our life force so that my body can heal itself.

Victoria BC


Dr Scott is incredible!  She is a very sympathetic ear - and her ability to analyze and diagnose a condition never cease to amaze me. I was reluctant to believe in homeopathy - but I have been a real beneficiary of Dr Scott's wisdom and experience.

Several years ago my endocrinologist insisted that I have my thyroid ablated. I did not like the idea of receiving a dose of radioactive die so high that I would be required to remain in isolation for one week.  I also did not want to be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. 

A friend referred me to Dr Scott.  I must admit - that I was skeptical.  I did not understand how it was possible for someone to treat me, over the phone, sight unseen. 

Dr Scott helped me through the process.  She was able to alleviate my thyroid symptoms and get to the underlying triggers of my condition. It did take several months, but through the use of homeopathic remedies prescribed by Dr Scott, all my thyroid symptoms disappeared.   I have had normal blood test results for the past several years - and thanks to Dr Scott, have not had my thyroid removed.

Following a car accident - I was in severe pain.  I couldn't turn my neck, raise my arms, or sit comfortably.  My activities were very limited.  I could not wash my own hair, speak on the phone.  I couldn't carry groceries, cook for myself, drive a car....

Again I turned to Dr Scott.  She was able to prescribe remedies to ease some of the pain, to alleviate the muscle stiffness, to deal with my anxiety...  I still require physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and massage therapy and have ongoing issues - but without the treatment from Dr Scott I would not be as active as I now am. 

I treasure good health above all!   Thanks to Dr Scott I feel that I am more in control of my life.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr Scott.

Toronto, ON

Fear of Driving

I just wanted to tell you that I was able to drive 600 km in an intense rain storm from Toronto to Kingston and back on Thursday and from another 300 km from Toronto to London on Friday in a snow and wind storm. Did I enjoy it? No, but I was able to do it. Four years ago, I took my daughter to look at schools closer to Toronto and I could barely breathe as I did it and the weather was fine. I KNOW this is all related to you and your help, so thank you!!!

Wendy Erlanger, Winnipeg, MB

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