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why I love homeopathy

I have always loved animals and enjoyed science. My love of Homeopathy developed while I was studying for pre-vet in University and I met the Homeopathic physician, Dr Leelamma Nielsen. It all began when she helped my best friend who had epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis to regain her health. I began working as one of Dr Nielsen’s receptionists at Dr Nielsen’s Homeopathic Clinic in Winnipeg. We spent many hours talking about health and why the health of Canadians was not as good as those in other countries considering we have one of the best health care systems in the world.

In the cliniDr. Shoshana Scottc I watched Homeopathic medicine treat many problems which the regular medical system couldn’t address. It was a very busy clinic, all by word of mouth. Dr Nielsen said one of the smartest things about Homeopathy was that it treated the reason the person’s problem had developed in the first place.

While the stronger medicines were helping people temporarily and were essential in emergencies, their frequent use was gradually weakening the immune systems of Canadians.

Here are some examples: antibiotics contributed to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract by disturbing the bacterial flora. The current treatment of skin disease with the application of strong cortisone based creams pushed the problem inward, resulting in internal disorders like asthma. (There is a 90% correlation between those who have eczema with asthma). The wide spread use of sex hormones such as birth control contributed to the formation of breast uterine and ovarian cysts and tumours.

Homeopathy is special because it takes the whole person into account. In what we could call the ‘age of anxiety”, the type of stress and its effect on an individual has the highest priority in choosing the homeopathic remedy. I found it fascinating for example, that if someone had a stomach ulcer due to over worry or overwork, we gave one homeopathic  medicine because they were two sides of the same coin – not two separate entities with one pill for anxiety and the tradtional antibiotic treatment of the duodenal ulcer. And the person would get remarkably better quickly.

Mahatma Gandhi was largely responsible for bringing homeopathy to India. He said: "Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and is the most complete medical science"

I love homeopathy because I have used it for myself, my family, friends and clients to restore and preserve health. By health I mean the World Health Organizations definition of health: not merely the absence of disease but physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, financial, and social wellbeing. 

I also love Homeopathy because it is like the little engine that could. Despite many attempts to wipe it out, it has existed over 200 years without advertising or marketing. It is now used by at least 500 million people world-wide.

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