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How does it work?

Over 2,500 substances are diluted and succussed (shaken) and tested on healthy human beings (not animals), to discover their effects on every organ and system in the body, including the mind. These effects are systematically recorded in books called Material Medica and indexed for use in the Homeopathic repertory. When a Homeopathic doctor meets a person with those symptoms, the doctor gives that person a Homeopathic remedy that matches those symptoms. The Homeopathic remedies work by reminding the body to do what it is already designed to do naturally. If a flu virus inhabits the body, Homeopathy will trigger the immune pathways that can fight that virus. 

Two dfferent people suffering from the same virus or diagnosis will usually receive different Homeopathic remedies. This is because the Homeopathic doctor prescribes for a particular diagnosis or body part but also takes into account a person’s unique makeup and expression of the illness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Homeopathic diganosis takes the whole picture of the illness into account and then gives a ‘vaccine’ for exactly the mental physical and emotional condition you are suffering from. This arouses your body to heal in the most gentle, safe and efficient possible way. Homeopathic medicine is particularly well suited to address illness when stress is a contributing factor. Homeopathic medicines are chosen for very specific causes of stress such as financial or business, sexual, or emotional stress. They are also chosen based on a person's expression of that stress, for example, anticipatory anxiety, or specific fears and phobias, or grief, guilt, homesickness etc.

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