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Winter 2009

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While you are sorting through all the information provided by your family doctor, government and media with regard to the outbreak of the H1N1 Virus, please also take into account this advice.

During any flu seasons some deaths do occur. So far, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, there are not more than average and the numbers are in line with other typical flu season including mortalities caused by H1N1.

Those who were born prior to 1957 already have immunity to swine flu as they were exposed during the last Swine Flu pandemic. Generally this H1N1 virus acts like a typical flu and the majority of those infected are able to fight it just fine. It is very important to remember that your immune system is designed to fight all kinds of flu, including H1N1.

There are certain measures you can take to make your immune system as healthy as possible.

These include:
If you are an existing patient and have already contacted me in the last two months, you are most likely on a series of remedies to prevent flu or if it does occur, to reduce the intensity of its symptoms. (This includes the flu kit for many of you. Those who don’t have the kit can order it directly to arrive in a few days. Please send an email or call the office).

As well, you may have been prescribed a series of remedies designed specifically for you to enhance your immune system and correct the imbalances or weaknesses in your system. By taking these remedies you are more resistant and better able to fight all infectious diseases, not just H1N1 Virus.

Historically, homeopathy is a well-proven, inexpensive, non-toxic way to prevent and treat seasonal, epidemic and pandemic flu. Please refer to the article below written the year after the most deadly flu of this century and compare mortality rates. (In the homeopathic hospital, they lost less than 1% of patients whereas in the conventional system, 30 % were lost.)

Those of you who are on the front lines in the hospitals, or have young children can email or call the office to order the H1N1 homoeopathic preparation as a precaution in addition to the flu kit.

The Homoeopathic preparation was made this summer from patients who had H1N1 in Mexico and diluted to form an effective remedy. Like all homeopathic medicines, due to the special process of dilution, it is non toxic and safe for everyone. Those of you who already have it can start taking the preparation once a week, 10 drops for adults, 4 four young children, in addition to the flu kit.

Many who have contacted me with concerns have posed the question; “Should I be taking that H1N1 vaccine?”

At a presentation I gave this week as part of the Victoria Health Cooperative series “Choices”, my answer to the question of vaccination was that it is a personal choice, but that my personal choice is that I will not be taking the vaccine. My concerns with the vaccine are that no real long term studies of the vaccine have been done as they have with the polio vaccine and others where modifications have been made to correct some of the problems associated with them found over long term use.

An additional concern I have has to do with some of the ingredients in the multidose H1N1 vaccine.

Above all, my reason not to vaccinate stems from the belief that by taking a regular homeopathic program to maintain good health, the body is strengthened to deal with any infectious disease, not just this H1N1 pandemic.

I welcome your inquiries and desire to work with you to help you create an immune system that is strong and as healthy as possible to fight disease.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you feel may benefit from it.

Wishing you good health,
Dr Shoshana Scott
Dr. Shoshana Scott DMS, HD

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