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November Newsletter

Nov 2, 2014

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Dear Clients: Winter is coming and there are proactive measures you can take to thrive in the months ahead. In this issue of ‘To Your Good health’ I will share with you: My perspective on the Ebola virus; Ideas on how to tune up your immune system this winter; Foods to eat for a strong immune system; An easy recipe for delicious ginger tea.

The ‘What’s New With Me’ section outlines my plans for developing my website into a hub for learning about health and wellness and sharing ideas and experiences. I can hardly wait!

A new section has been added ‘To Your Good Health’ called Homeopathic Classics. People are amazed about the number of Homeopathic medicines that are used for treatment (over 2500). While a Homeopathic doctor has the training to know exactly what medicine is required for a particular health or wellness issue, there are some standard medicines that should be kept on hand in the event that immeediate treatment is required. We have excellent means of treating burns, shock, insect bites, sunburn, food poisoning and will provide some background on the remedies that we suggest you keep in your medicine cabinet for quick use. These remedies are available for order through our website, Just send an email and let us know what you need!

In these times which are a bit unsettling, as much as possible try to internalize the words of Bob Marley “Don’t worry. Be happy”. Live your life without fear, put your stress in perspective, be aware of world events but don’t let them consume you. Be with your family and friends, play with your kids or the family pet, stay warm, and eat good food.

Wishing you good health,
Dr Shoshana Scott
Dr. Shoshana Scott DMS, HD

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