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Why is it so special?

What makes Homeopathy different from other systems of medicine?

Due to its high dilution factor, Homeopathy is non-toxic and does not interact with, and can be used in conjunction with, conventional, Chinese or Herbal medicine.

Homeopathic medicines are thoroughly tested on healthy human beings so that all their effects are known.

Homeopathy is distinguished from Naturopathy in that Naturopathic physicians train for the same four year duration in medicine, however, Naturopaths train in seven different modalities (including acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, etc) while homeopaths learn medicine and homeopathy exclusively for 5 years, specializing in our field.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

Homeopathy provides a safe, complementary alternative to conventional medicine where conventional medicine doesn't always provide a solution. Here are some examples:  influenza, mononucleosis, indigestion, heart burn, back pain, minor allergies, susceptibility to bronchitis, seasonal blues and melancholy,  body aches, metabolism issues, focusing issues, heart palpitations, lingering cough. Note that many of these are conditions that people think they are stuck with. 

Homeopathic medicines are not taken longterm. You take them for a few days only. Once your body feels better, it likes to stay there so you don’t repeat the medication.

Due to the high dilution factor of Homeopathic medicines, they are non toxic and have no side effects.

After you use Homeopathic medicine to treat an acute infection such as a cold or flu for example, your whole immune system becomes stronger. That is because homeopathic medicines work by stimulating your body’s own immune system to fight the virus. Once your body does that, it means your body’s immune system has become more efficient. This makes it more resistant against other diseases in the future.

Homeopathic medicine is integrated into the medical system in several European countries such as England France and Germany. It is the number one system of medicine in India.

The medicines are regulated by Health Canada and have a special drug identification number, DIN-HM.

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