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Specialty Kits

I've put together several specialty kits for my clients. They are designed for use when you are far from home. Some examples are: travel, camping, athletes first aid and restoration (such as marathon running), remote extreme sports, cold and flu.

The kits are large wallet size, light weight, easy to pack, come with easy to follow instructions inside and in a choice of three colors.

Note: These kits do not replace regular medical care or consulting with Dr Scott after an injury fever inflammation or incident requiring care. These medicines are the first step to take, and there can be important follow-up remedies to continue the healing process afterward.


Homeopathic Travel Kit - $ 160.00

This Homeopathic Travel Kit - is great for people who like to travel whether its travelling abroad to exotic places or weekend adventures like camping.

Ten Homeopathic medicines were hand picked for homeopathic care for travel eventualities from motion sickness to mosquito bites, to sunburn and sunstroke, to jet lag to food poisoning.

*If travelling abroad please also request a Homeopathic program designed for you before and during travel to boost your immune system and prep you for the country you are visiting.

Homeopathic First Aid kit - $ 160.00

This Homeopathic First Aid kit - is great for your home, car or office or any place you might want to have a Homeopathic first aid kit.

The ten most important homeopathic remedies to carry with you in case of emergency for minor first aid, from cuts and scrapes, sprains and strains, concussion, fractures to shock, burns and accidents including whiplash are included with complete instructions.

Homeopathic Kid Off to Camp Kit - $ 160.00

From homesickness, cuts and bruises to bee stings and sunstroke, this kit contains the Homeopathic remedies that will help provide fast relief for many camp emergencies naturally and safely, along with proper first aid and/or medical attention.

Homeopathic Flu Kit - $ 57.00

The classic Homeopathic kit developed in Germany that has done an excellent job in flu prevention for my clientele. While flu is prevalent in the community during flu season, we notice our clients tend to stay well, even people normally susceptible to it. 

Note: This kit is usually given along with a homeopathic program to specific to address any medical or emotional problems individualized for each client which also works to reduce susceptibility to infection.

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